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New York-1 News T.V.
in New York City commemorates
 the 30th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in 1999
 with Promotional Television Spots during all of
 Gay Pride Weekend featuring Members of the
STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association

New York 1 News commemorates 30th Anniversary of Stonewall with T.V. 

Smilin' Trio at The Stonewall Club -- 30 years later
[Photo by NY-1 News T.V. Cameraman]

Pictured above are (l-2-r):  STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association Treasurer Terri Van Dyke; NYC community activist Liz J. Abzug; and S.V.A. Director Williamson Henderson inside The Stonewall Club.  Notice the landmark Stonewall Club trademark wall lanterns.

Standing at the Top:  The Stonewall Club
[Photo by Liz J. Abzug]

Proudly pictured in front of the front doors of the legendary Stonewall Club above are (l-2-r) are Electra O'Mara, S.V.A. Secretary; non-SW-Vet "Victor/Victoria" Cruz ("V.V."), a known 'hater', a sometimes third-rate fill-in for the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association's semi-annual drag show at the upstairs Stonewall Cabaret Room and an always low-down back-stabber and envious liar!  In contrast, to her right (pun intended) is wonderful Williamson Henderson, S.V.A. Founder and Director, and Terri Van Dyke, AIDS Activist and S.V.A. Treasurer, who adamantly refused to even stand next to vitriolic "V/V".  Such is the G.L.B.T. life!  How wonderful is Williamson?  Besides everything else, he even arranged for this television promotional shoot at The Stonewall Club and the resultant Gay Pride educational project and weekend-long promotion of the history of the Stonewall Rebellion!     

For the entire Gay Pride weekend in June 1999 and the several days leading up to it, New York One News uniquely and proudly presented three different Stonewall veterans in separate televised segments providing 411 about the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.  The three featured Stonewall veterans were Williamson Henderson, Terri Van Dyke and Electra O'Mara, all of whom are also officials of the S.V.A.  There was also an alternating fourth segment as NY-1 News wanted to have one person who was a non-SW-Vet to comment on the on-going historic significance and educational purposes of the STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association.  That special person, chosen by Williamson, was Liz J. Abzug (a.k.a. "Lizala"), the Gay daughter of the SVA's prior Honorary Female Chairperson Bella S. Abzug.  All of the promotional Gay Pride segments were shown many times twenty-four hours around-the-clock for five days!  The feature segments commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion.  Williamson and Terri and Electra told of what the Stonewall era, the Stonewall people and the Stonewall dance bar were like in the late 1960s.  All of them explained the happening of the 1969 Cadillac convertible in front of the Stonewall Club on the first night of the rebellion, June 27, 1969.  The NYCPD improperly impounded the 'trophy' car for three night and two days.  The SW-vets pointed out the "Stonewall Car"'s grand significance to the GLBT worldwide community today and for the future!  Lizala explained the worldwide relevance and current importance of "Stonewall".  New York One is televised throughout the five boroughs of New York City on Channel 1.  It is also accessed through cable television in many other parts of New York State.     

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