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David F. West
STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans
Past S.V.A. Public Relationist
(1969 to 2006)


Admiral Dave West leading 1998 NYC Gay Pride Parade with the S.V.A.
[Photo by Farrell Armstrong]

The SVA's longtime Public Relationist -- a title as unique as him -- is David F. LaManna West better known as "Dave West".  He was born in upstate New York in Syracuse on December 14, Nineteen Hundred and.... Fifty-two!  Dave is one of the most well-known and memorable Stonewall veterans, chiefly through the STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("SVA") of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.  Dave also has been a 'regular' in Greenwich Village since he was an enthusiastic, danceaholic Gay teen from upststate New York patronizing The Stonewall Club in 1969.  One of his favorite sights on Christopher Street throughout 1969, besides all the boys, was the bold and beautiful brand-new metallic blue Cadillac convertible belonging to Williamson Henderson, who he would come to become longtime friends.  Ironically, many years later, Dave West is a recognizable figure leading the recognizable S.V.A.'s contingency with that very 1969 blue Cadillac "Stonewall Car" convertible in the lead section of the annual New York City Gay Pride Parade.  Dave always wears something outstandingly unique, regal and/or sexy -- whether he be an Indian chief, a Navy sailor, a Gay pirate or a Yankee baseball player -- all the while steadfastly holding the rainbow Gay flag high and proud!  Dave West is also an innovative entertainer, skilled dancer and crooning singer.  Entertainment-wise, "Hurricane" Dave is much-requested for his "singing telegram" theatrical routines -- especially for birthdays -- with a seemingly endless array of impressive, exciting and sometimes daring characters and costumes.  "Hurricane" is a forever popular, lively, featured performer in the S.V.A.'s annual entertainment fund-raiser event "Stonewall Showtyme" at the historic Stonewall Club's cabaret room on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, New York.

"Hurricane" Dave West at the 2003 Gay Business Expo in New York City
[Photo by Larry Taliaferro]

The S.V.A. always has a big exhibition at the original International Gay Business Expo & Entertainment Festival at the New York City Convention Center in Manhattan, usually held on the last weekend in the month of March.  Dave West always co-represents the S.V.A. at our display booth and tables on one of the two days.  The S.V.A.'s Leigh McManus describes Dave as "the perfect greeter and meeter"!  Above, at the Gay Business Expo, Dave is happily and proudly sitting in the open 1969 Cadillac "Stonewall Car", a proud and popular part of the S.V.A.'s exhibition.  

Dave West's very versatile 4-pic modeling postcard
[Photography by Jonathan Lane]

Dave West is shown above as a pimp, a policeman, a body builder (which by physicalness he surely is) and a construction worker (which by personality he definitely is not).  Dave's endless creative costumes and captivating characters also include but are not limited to:  the Village People, a baseball player, a ringmaster, an admiral, a convict, Superman, a gorilla, a disco dancer, a scarecrow, a priest, Indian Chief, a sailor, a gangster, a cat, a sexy model, Batman, a gypsy, a dog, a train conductor, a knight, Spiderman, a phantom, a leather man, a doctor, a bellhop, Cupid, a clown, a spaceman, a doctor, a greaser, Chippendale Model, a butler, a ghost, a nun, a hot cop, Mickey Mouse, a pirate, a businessman, a chicken, a security guard, Zorro, a baseball player, an elf, a monk, a fireman, Dracula, a court jester, a flasher, a biker, a hippie, Easter Bunny, a leprechan, a bear, a cowboy, a ghoul, U.S. Armyman, a camp drag queen, a king, a rabbi, a bridegroom, Tarzan, a judge, a mailman, a top hat 'n' tails gentleman, an angel, The Tin Man, a pirate, a doorman and a witch -- plus Gay Santa Claus!

S.V.A.'s Dave F. West with N.Y.C.'s Michael R. Bloomberg
[Photography by the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York]



S.V.A.'s Dave West in the now famous photo
[Photography via New York Daily News;
   the Daily News also published this photo]



Chief Hurricane Dave proudly leading the S.V.A. in June 2005
[Photography by Hal M. Weiner]



Dave West with Williamson Henderson after the 2005 Gay
at the Hudson Corner Restaurant Outdoor Cafe
[Photography by] 

 After the S.V.A.'s wonderful Public Relationist Dave received an advance copy of this photo from Hal Weiner via WLH, always appreciative Dave (who was ill and under treatment at the time), sent Hal a personal note of thanks.  Dave's thank you card read:  "I love the STONEWALL Veterans' Association.  I love Williamson.  I love the 1969 Stonewall convertible.  I love the Gay Pride Parade.  And I love, love, love this great picture of Williamson and me.  Love, Dave  P.S.  I wasn't going to come as the Indian this rough year but Williamson said that you must, you can do it, do it for Gay pride, do it for you; you look swell, you'll be glad you did.  He was right!  Thank you Hally for capturing all that!"  



Dave West at his final movie:  Brokeback Mountain
[Photo by Jenni Jan Egan] 

A "From Stonewall to Brokeback" gathering was assembled by S.V.A. Director Williamson Henderson for Friday the 13th of January 2006.  Comprising the S.V.A. group were Williamson (host), Dave West (the motivation for the event), Bert Coffman, Storme DeLarverie, Jenni Egan, Michael Livote and Anton.  Originally planning to attend, AnDrae Christie (visiting his mother in the hospital) was in regular contact to Dave's cellphone.  "Brokeback Mountain", released in New York City the month prior, is about two basically non-Gay cowboys who not-so-slowly fall deeply in love with each other and embark on a twenty-year relationship of ups and downs.  "BBM" was the talk-of-the-country and far beyond.  When WLH suggested this idea to Dave, he was instantly enthusiastic.  Indeed, BBM lifted Dave's spirits and injected inspiration into his life.  The movie dinner party started at the movie box office on West 23rd Street with Williamson purchasing everyone's movie tickets -- to ensure that tickets to the film wouldn't be sold out.  Dinner and drinks were at the East of Eighth Restaurant in the heart of Chelsea in Manhattan.  All had such fun with loads of laughs and all were treated by WLH.  Everyone saw, enjoyed and were moved by "Brokeback Mountain" at the Chelsea Cinema Theater.  A specially meaningful and cost-free (including safe taxi home) evening with friends was had by Dave, who died within three months.    



Dave West was added to the "Gay Urban Cowboys" website in 2007!


STONEWALL Veterans' Assn. business card for Dave West


Tribute to
Dave West

Sunrise:  December 14, 1952
 Syracuse, New York

Sunset:  April 7, 2006
Manhattan, New York

Dave West had a deadly battle with bladder cancer which, over time, unfortunately and ultimately spread from one vital body organ to another.  He was re-hospitalized at Beth Israel Hospital on Thursday, March 30th.  That was the same day that SVA-er Dave planned to join SVA-ers Williamson Henderson, Bert CoffmanRose Giordano, Leigh McManus and Bill Salzman plus Friends-of-SVA Michael Livoti, Anton Hauser and AnDre Christie at an Andrew Cuomo public policy event at nearby (to Dave's home) Baruch College.  Starting the following day, Friday, began what was an apparent vigil.  Dave was visited daily by relatives, especially his outgoing and supportive Mother Mitzi LaManna, his brother, sister and nephews, several invited S.V.A. members and many longtime friends.  At least a half-dozen dozen unrelated Gay friends visited dying Dave daily.  Dave's mother called Williamson early on Friday morning, April 7th, at about 7 a.m., to sadly report:  "Williamson, I'm sorry to call you so early, dear.  This is Dave's Mother.  I'm sorry to tell you that my son and your friend, Dave West, has died in his sleep".

Only four days after Dave's demise, there was an S.V.A. officials' meeting pre-scheduled with U.S. Congressmember Carolyn Maloney.  This meeting included the induction of S.V.A. officers for the new year.  Dave was a confirmed and enthusiastic planned attendee.  He's been there before.  The Congressmember also knows Dave from S.V.A. meetings and the Gay pride parades.  Although the S.V.A. considered requesting a postponement, Williamson, who arranged the meeting, pronounced "That is definitely not what Dave would have wanted".  Instead, besides S.V.A. officers Williamson, Bert Coffman and Leigh McManus, they had Dave's mother Mitzi LaManna join them.  Congressmember Carolyn and her staff, particularly Minna Elias and Juanita Reyes, were visibly impressed and touched by this surprise and lovely gesture.  


In remembrance of Dave West from public officials who knew Dave through the STONEWALL Veterans' Association, the S.V.A. has received flowers from former President Clinton Oval Office Advisor Sean Patrick Maloney and letters of condolence from former N.Y.C. Mayor Ed Koch, U.S. Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, N.Y.S. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, N.Y.S. Assemblymember Jonathan Bing and Attorney General candidate Andrew Cuomo as well as several N.Y.C. councilmembers such as Gale Brewer, Dan Garodnick, Melissa Viverito, Robert Jackson and Rosie Mendez. 

  Dave West Schumer 

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer's impressive letter was sent in the S.V.A. invitation mailing 
for Dave West's Memorial Service and distributed to every attendee at said tribute.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *   *   *

Dave West Memorial Service:

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dave West Memorial Committee

Williamson L. Henderson, Chairperson

Mrs. Mitzi LaManna, Honorary, Dave West's Mother

Peter Mommers, Dave's Confidante

Jonathan Lane, Dave's Photographer

Martino di Martino, Dave's Entertainment Rep

AnDre M. Christie, S.V.A. Assistant

Personal Note:  All of the above were also Dave's personal friends!


Dave West Memorial Service

Saturday, April 29, 2006 @ 5 p.m.
following the S.V.A. monthly meeting

G.L.B.T. Community Center
Assembly Hall (main floor)
212 West 13 Street
btw. Seventh & Greenwich Avs.
Manhattan, New York
(212) 620 - 7310

Memorial Host:  
Williamson Henderson

Various Tribute Speakers Roster:
* Mitzi LaManna, Dave West's Mother
* Emile Griffith, Jr., since The Stonewall
* Storme DeLarverie, fellow STONEWALL Vets Assn. officer
* Bill Sands, longtime friend
* Steven Gradman, PRIDE Democrats
* Sherdina Straughn, Dave's music coordinator
AnDre Christie, Youth-for-SVA and fellow work-out-aholic
Maria Estevez, reflecting on leading NYC Gay Pride Parades with S.V.A. and Dave
* Peter Mommers, longtime Dave West confidante
* Jenni Egan, Imperial QUEENS of New York
* Bert Coffman, fellow Stonewall veteran
* Joann Morrison, prayer blessing for Dave West

Please R.S.V.P. to AnDre Christie at the S.V.A. at (212) 6-27-1969 

SVA Meeting April 006.jpg

Special Memorial Service flyer for Dave West sent by the S.V.A.




Condolence letter to Dave's mother Mitzi LaManna West


U.S. Congressmember Carolyn B. Maloney

will be placed here, despite the long delay

due to misplaced document.



filename:  Dave_West_Carolyn-Maloney



Storme DeLarverie - Dave West

After Dave West's SVA-sponsored Memorial Service
(pictured L-2-R):  Storme DeLarverie, SVA's Ambassador; Mitzi LaManna Peters, Dave's endearing Mother; Williamson Henderson, SVA director and longtime Dave pal; Jenni Egan, Vice-President of the Imperial Queens & Kings of NYC (probably Dave's fave group) and intimate Dave friend; and Lucy Santiago of the S.V.A. 


Among many others, you can also see Dave West at these S.V.A. weblinx:

Look at proud Dave West leading the SW-Vetz in the 1998 NYC Gay Pride Parade:


 Dave leading the S.V.A. six-car flotilla in the 30th anniversary 1999 Gay Pride Parade:  


Visit Dave in one of his favorite events, "Stonewall Showtyme" at The Stonewall:


Dave parading with the S.V.A. in 2001 with WTC Twin Towers looming in the distance:

See Indian Chief Dave West leading the S.V.A. in the 2004 Gay Pride Parade at:



Dave West Spitzer

Dave West regularly volunteered for Eliot Spitzer's 1998 Primary and General Election campaigns for
NYS Attorney General via PRIDE Dems at Proofreaders Unlimited's office in Chelsea in Manhattan, NY.




Gay Pride Month:  STONEWALL 50


Remembrance of Dave F. West:

"It's still hard to believe that it's been over a dozen years since the S.V.A. lost our wonderful and 
talented Dave!"  
--  Willson L. Henderson, S.V.A. director and longtime D.F.W. friend, April 7, 2019


=====2019:  50th Anniversary of the Gay Stonewall Rebellion in NYC=====
[Friday night, June 27 ~through~ Thursday evening, July 3, 1969]


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Photo Album